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Mageline Light Flawless Cushion BB Cream

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Make the skin vibrant and create a natural nude makeup effect

13.5g x 2



Long-lasting sweat and water proof, excellent moisture retention ability, make skin feel delicate, bright and translucent. A brand-new cushion-style BB cream with skin benefits — this innovative lightweight hydrating cushion BB cream contains fermented yeast extract, hydrolyzed collagen and French Rose Flower extract — is designed to brighten, moisturise and protect your face from the daily grind. Its lightweight formula delivers impressive coverage to conceal your blemishes, while simultaneously hydrating your skin, soothing irritation and shielding you from UV rays. And its water-resistant properties help it to stay put all day, whether you’re sweating down the gym or dashing home from work in the rain! Suitable for all skin types, safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How To Use

After basic skin care, it can be used at the foundation stage and can be re-appled at any time to touch up the makeup.

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