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Brown Sugar Revitalizing Cleansing Mask

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Exfoliates gently, dissolves whiteheads and blackheads


Comes with gifts worth $8:
Black Tea & Lavender Facial Mask – Trial Pack x 1



Moisturises, softens and illuminates the skin. Prevents skin roughness and clears up dead skin while nourishing the skin. Firmly locks in moisture. Prevent dullness, get rid of fatigue, and evens up skin tone, restoring supple skin.



Water, glycerin, CENTELLA ASIATICA extract, SAUSSUREA INVOLUCRATA extract, PORTULACA OLERACEA extract, hydrogenated sweet almond oil, sucrose, beta-glucan, caramel, fans ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS Water, hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, trehalose, allantoin, etc.


How To Use

After cleansing, apply mask directly on damp face, leave for 5 to 10mins until dead skin debris is dissolved (for rougher area like nose/chin massage gently), then rinse with warm water. Recommended 1 or 2 times a week.

Suitable for all skin types and above 20 yrs of age.


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