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Big-Sized Makeup Remover Puffs

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Super-large fine reticulated cotton pad




Soft-Feel, 100% Natural Cotton, with super-large fine reticulated cotton pad. Soft and delicate texture, and special hydraulic pressure processing of the surface. It leaves no cotton remains on the skin, and can effectively help to clean face, dirts and makeup residues. 6cmx10cm, 100pcs/box.

How To Use

Once or twice weekly: soak the Mageline Big-Sized Makeup Remover Cotton Puffs with Mageline Extreme Balance Lotion/Toner + Evian water/distrilled water (equivalent to the ratio 1:3) to purify skin and boost hydration for your best skin ever, Then unfold the soaked face cotton puffs and place it on your face for 15-20 mins. Ensure to keep the cotton puffs moist by adding the balance mixture of 1:3 toner water during the treatment.


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