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"Enjoy the natural beauty of your skin without makeup"

Mageline is an upmarket cosmetics brand, which advocates the concept of skin care being "to enjoy the natural beauty of your skin without makeup". With its excellent skin care result and growing reputation, it has quickly occupied a top place in the high-end skincare market.

Mageline is the first high-end skin care brand in the world to advocate women the idea of "enjoy the beauty without makeup". Under Mageline brand, there are over 50 products which cover skin care, facial mask, beauty fruit drink and makeup. Mageline has developed in the department stores, e-commerce, social e-commerce and other channels, it has become a representative enterprise with rapid development of the whole channel marketing in China.

There are offline entity shops more than 500 and online shops over 2,000 in the country, covering more than 30 million high-end female users. The annual sales volume increased by 2 times year by year. The company integrates R&D, production and sales, and has set up independent research and development production bases in both China and the United States. It combines the essence of luxury plants and advanced technology to create high-end skin care products.

Mageline has over 50 types of products covering skin care, make-up, body care, care for problematic skin, etc. Since its establishment, the brand has witnessed the beauty transformation of millions of people!

The Origin of the Brand Name

Mageline means magically beautiful. The former part “Mage” comes from “magician” and the latter part “line” pronounced similar to a Chinese word which means “beautiful”. Ms. Guo Miao, the founder of Mageline brand, hopes it could make people beautiful as magic do.

The Mageline brand logo has the following connotations. The crown is the highest level of compliment to a women's beauty. It is like a lotus bud that is ready to bloom and the purity of Mageline hopes that women can take charge of their skin, and while enjoying their natural beauty, experience a wonderful remarkable life and embrace their beauty and confidence! Natural ingredients combined with high-end technology, products of Mageline make every women be fearless to the time flows, skin stays youthful to enjoy the beauty without makeup.

Brand Idea

Mageline adheres to the professional, perfect, international and elegant brand positioning, aiming at skin issues to make every women regain confidence without makeup. Mageline advocates women to face their skin issues directly and solve them actively rather than just cover them by strong makeup. It is not only a self skin care attitude but also a delicate and beautiful philosophy of life to reshape a healthy, natural and fair skin state.


Brand Endorsement

It launched the activity of 300 million people #pure skincare sharing” on micro-blog, and a great number of A-listers, including Liu Jialing, He Jie, Yuan Yongyi, Lu Yi, Liu Yan, Li Xiaolu, Li Xiang, Ma Su, Ye Yiqian, Wang Zhi, Yang Rong, Wang Dongcheng, Xie Nan, Du Haitao, Qin Lan, Zhang Xinyu, Chen Weiting, Jin Chen and Chen Bing recommended it.

Scientific Research Strength

Established subsidiary company Mageline Inc. in the US, and built independent research laboratory, cooperating with scientists from University of California, Stanford University and other international research eld of cosmetics for R&D formulas. Committed to serve for high-end female consumer groups, combining advanced technologies in biology, medicine, chemistry, dermatology, and nutriology to create a series of skin care products which are applicable to Asian women skin upon research on modern environment and mainstream skin types. Mageline and Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) set up Beauty and Health Technology Joint R&D Center, introducing international top equipment and R & D talents. For now, with domestic and international laboratories and top talents from all over the world, our R&D team will certainly present more superior skin care products for you.

The factory adopts 100,000 clean and dustless production lines. All products are strictly formulated according to standards and specifications. Product research and development, experiment and production are strictly in compliance with the relevant national laws and regulations, led with and approved by Ministry of Health and other relevant government authorities. All clinical trials must be approved while products must go through a rigorous allergy testing before they can be listed and sold in ensuring their safety and effectiveness.

Mageline's skincare products are healthy, environmentally friendly and natural with an extremely prominent result.


Development History of Mageline Brand

  • 2014
    ·The product Youth Essence Intense Concentrate released to the market.
    ·Sales revenue exceeded 100 million Yuan in the second half of the year.
  • 2015
    ·Invested about 150 million to build a new factory and increased production lines to ensure adequate supply for the market demand.
  • 2016
    ·Spent millions in shooting new image advertisement with “Harper’s Bazaar”
    ·Signed contracts with popular actor Zheng Kai and Asian A-lister Yoon Eunhye one after another.
  • 2017
    ·Attended China Beauty Expo in Shanghai and Canton Beauty Expo in Guangzhou
    ·Signed a contract with domestic well-known star Ma Su to be the brand spokesperson
    ·Wuhan retail flagship store opened, popular singer He Jie came for cutting the ribbon at the opening ceremony
    ·Became strategic partner of Sing! China season two
    ·In the end of 2017, Mageline brand had cross year cooperation with Jiangsu Satellite TV and Hunan Satellite TV for the comprehensive promotion of brand awareness
    ·Exclusively sponsored the big star reality show "Three Yards", the skin care concept“enjoy the beauty without makeup”becomes popular
  • 2018
    ·Became strategic partner of the program 2018“Keep Running”aired by Zhejiang Satellite TV
    ·Jing Tian became brand new spokesperson of Mageline collagen drink
    ·Mageline and Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) established Beauty and Health Technology Joint R&D Center


Mageline entity shops flourish across China

Entity shops are opened in a first-line business circle of major cities throughout China. At present, it has set up entity shops in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Henan, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Hunan, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Jilin, Anhui, Shandong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and many other cities. It opened a retail flagship store in Wanda, Hanjie Street, Wuhan, and always keeps pace with the international brands. It has established more than 500 entity shops currently, and is constantly building counters in other parts of China, so as to ensure more consumers enjoy high-end skin beauty experience.

Mageline for Skin Care

Through our comprehensive mageline skin care regime, you can enjoy an impactful change in how you look and feel about your own skin. We’re more than just a cosmetics firm; we care about how you look today and tomorrow.

Our belief is simple: never take risks, never take liberties, and never provide products we would not use on our own bodies. If your aim is to buy quality Mageline cosmetics because you trust that they can provide a natural boost to your body, then we are here to help you care for and look after your skin with our field experience and professionalism!